Layton Marathon - Full Marathon Course USATF Certified

The Layton Marathon is marked to exact measurements by USATF to make it a course that will qualify you for the Boston Marathon. This course measurement is more accurate than GPS measurements based on this USATF certification. It is measured by two pre-calibrated bikes road by ceritified USATF Course Certifiers. After their measurements they reride the bikes to confirm the certified bikes did not lose calibration. If you ran the Layton Marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon based on your time use the Code: UT10005TLB when you register for the Boston Marathon to attach your qualifying times to your registration.

Course Description

The Layton Marathon is one of the most unique courses in Utah.

Elevation: First the Layton Marathon is the flattest marathon in Utah with only 200 feet of elevation change. This is unique when all other marathons in Utah range from 1100 to 4300ft of downhill. It is funny how many marathons act as though running a marathon with extreme downhill is a good thing. I have known many first time marathoners that destroyed their knees on races with 3000 ft of downhill. Sometimes other courses can be faster but the Layton Marathon is proud of our times that are comparable to most marathons four to ten times its size in participation. Downhill does not always mean speed. Flat is also one of the fastest recovery times.

World Record & Olympic Qualifing Course: Though many Marathons in Utah can qualify you for the Boston Marathon, only the Layton Marathon can give you a qualifying time for the Olympics or to set a World Record with Guinness. Many runners feel that getting a World Record is outside of their realm but there are over 130 Marathon records based on time alone like Fastest Female Marathon Dressed as a Bottle at 4:36:19 which is very obtainable. List of Guinness World Record Marathons:

Visually Beautiful: The layout of the Layton Marathon is very scenic. It starts early in the morning with a sunrise on the Great Salt Lake. The first ten miles run across rolling paved roads on Antelope Island. The island is home to over 600 head of Buffalo (Bison), coyote, big horn sheep, deer, 400 species of birds and much more. After you get off the island you run across the Great Salt Lake 7 miles on a causeway road that spans the lake. The last miles finish on roads that are on farmlands and some residential. Many of scenes, from buffalo causeway & sunrise, at the Layton Marathon are unique only to this race and you will not find another marathon like it.




Aid Stations

Aid stations will be about every 2 miles along the course starting at Mile 3. There will be a potty at each aid station, with water, Powerade. Hammer Gels will be at Start, Miles 5, 9, 13.1, 17, 21, 25. Oranges & Bananas will be at Start, Miles 7, 11, 13.1, 19, 23.1. There will be mile markers on every mile of the Marathon.

Medical Support

EMT's will be on the course and a doctor will be at a medical tent at the finish line.

Gear Bag Drop

At the start of the Full Distance and Half Distance will have a truck to handle bag drops. If your race gear is dropped on the course along the path it will not be to the finish line until around 11:00AM. All gear dropped into the gear truck prior to starts will be at the finish line lined up according to your bib numbers if your bags are marked with a marker prior to you finishing.


Age group awards will be given based on ages starting at 10-14, 15-19, to 70+ (every 5 years).

Top 3 Finishers - We will give out trophies for top 3 male and female finishers in each race category. Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K.

Pacers on Course

We will have a pace team on the course to help you achieve your race times.


Chip timing will be provided for all distances with a chip start as well as chip finish. Runnercard will be providing this chip timing service. Chips are stickers on the back on your bib number.

Half Marathon Course

The Half Marathon Course starts near the marina on the causeway of the Great Salt Lake and runs the last 13.1 miles of the Layton Marathon. Aid stations are every 2 miles starting at mile 1.9.

10K/5K Course

The 10K/5K starts and finish at the finish of the Layton Marathon and is out and back. It is a residential course and flat. Aid stations for 10K are at Mile 1.2, 3.1, 4.3. Aid station for 5K are at Mile 1.2 and 1.9.

Beginner Training for the Layton Marathon

If you are a first time runner we recommend starting your training at Week 1 of this training schedule for 26 weeks of training. If you have some experience in running or already have somewhat of an active lifestyle start on Week 11 of this schedule for 16 weeks. With all training schedules we recommend that you consult a doctor prior to starting.

Click on the image above for a printable PDF version of this training guide.


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